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Merilyn is a sexy Russian brunette babe who loves to pose as she masturbates. She is seen here in a gold satin colored backdrop and the setting looks plush. She has long brunette hair that is combed back and left untied. She has on a red lingerie which is a bra, panty, socks and stiletto of the same color. Her eyes with the mascara and the red lipstick all show her intense motion. There is a big bead necklace that hangs down her top. Her busty boobs have a large areola and it hangs down naturally. Her panty is pulled down and her left hand masturbates her pussy while she holds a red rose close to it.



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Voluptuous is her middle name! Hot and sexy Russian is a vamp when it comes to sex. She poses in front of a warm colored paneled background. Her black hair is combed back and she has mascara and red lipstick and anybody would call her a slut. She pulls down her black lingerie top with her gloved hands and exposes her red bra and big boobs that don’t seem to end. Her red panty shows a hint of a hairy pussy and its crack. The red stocking also adds to the warmth of the picture.



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Russian is all Au naturele. She reclines on a huge beige couch in an amateurish makeup. Her hair is parted in the middle and its dark brown and long. She is wearing just a red lipstick and her face shows her intense emotions. Her busty bobs are so big that they lie flat and natural on her chest with light big areola and nipples. Her rose net lingerie is crumbled up her waist and she masturbates her hairy pussy with her right hand spreading her legs wide apart. We would just like to see more of that twat!



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Sexy Russian looks so beautiful when she poses sexy. She poses on a large beige couch against a light yellow shaded wall. She looks like an amateur with almost no makeup except for a light mascara and lipstick. Her beautiful long brunette hair is parted in the middle and let to flow on both sides of her sexy face. She is propped on her legs and her right hand on the arm of the sofa. Her big busty boobs have a light shade on the areola and nipples and hang down naturally. A floral net lingerie has been crumbled up on her mid and exposes her round bums. She has a winged tattoo on her left hand that she is using to masturbate her pussy from the back.



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The setting is a late night bar or a restroom that has huge neon lighting. She poses as a Russian slut in the room. It is a tiled room with a red ceiling. 3/4th of the picture is all sexy and boobs. Her hair is well combed and set. Her eyes have mascara and are half closed in sensuous delight and her red lipstick gels in with the mood. She has on a white full sleeved shirt that has been pried open at the front to expose her huge boobs. She holds them with both hands and lifts her right nipple to lick at them slowly.

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Its play time with this sweet big boob babe and she invites you to her playroom. It has an LCD TV and a bowling ramp. The room has warm neon lighting and polished wooden flooring. She poses in a black stocking and gazelle stilettos. Except these she is completely nude and her slender body is so hot. Her dark brunette hair is parted in the middle and let to flow long and straight. She props herself on her legs and left hand. Her big boobs can be seen hanging naturally and well down. She holds a shining metal dildo in her right hand and inserts it in her hairy pussy.

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The best pair of natural well hung boobs is found on this vixen. Here she poses in front of a grey sheer curtain. Her hair is so beautiful and it looks like a brunette halo around her head alive and in tune with a light breeze. She has on minimal makeup with just mascara and lipstick. She is completely nude and her slender body looks so gorgeous with her busty boobs dominating her top. She has tied a nylon rope in loops and playfully jolts it up her areola is big and her nipples erect.



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Once you see her curves you will know that you’ve fallen in love! She poses here in her attic which is well lit white ceiling and cream colored walls against a big polished wooden table. She only has a designer jade necklace on her and absolutely no clothes. Her long brunette hair is combed neatly and let to flow freely. She licks her index finger imagining it to be a penis and her busty soft racks hang and touch the table. There is a winged tattoo on her left hand in which she has a shiny dildo that is inserted into her steamy little pussy from behind.

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What about joining a sexy brunette in the shower and having a horny bath? Amateur big boob pornstar poses as a coed in her bathroom it is well lit with polished tiles and steel and chrome finished fittings. Her hair is set well with a dotted bow and the hairdo of a teenage college gore. There is nothing else on her body. She is posed on all fours and allows a nice candid look at her pussy which is hairy at the muff. She has dido in her pussy and pours water to lubricate it from the hand shower she is holding in her other hand. The water trickling down her pussy is so sensuous to look at.



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Russian sexy babe Merilyn Sakova is so hot as it is then what would it be like when she masturbates for you? She poses on her bed with a grey patterned sheet and cloudy curtains. Her brunette hair is combed and well set and you can see mascara and a red lipstick on her raised head that shows an intense emotion. Her round ass and legs are spread wide to give complete access to her hand. She plays with her index finger in her pussy and is about to reach an orgasm. You can see her ass too.